Saturday, February 24, 2007

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

nino de la calle

Nino de la calle

i did this one learning how to etch in one of my art classes... believe it or not this is my 3nd ever etching... for those who dont know what and etching is i gonna write a little explanation at the button of this post.

Well as you can see by the tittle this is a etching of a homeless kid not in UNited States but in a Third world Country like Mexico. Everything on this etching was carefully thought before and i find it to be one of my strongest piece of art.... but somehow people seem to not get the it.

This is a young kid who grew up in the city after his parents abandoned him at the age of 4 years old.. he managed to survived thanks to his friends who happened to be homeless too... He was taken care of by some of the older kids till he was old enought to beg and do sidejobs on his own. The bigger clothes and hand downs from bigger kids in which he hasnt grown into. His hands and face reflect the harh enviroment. His hands full of callist and his face aged by the exposure to the sun. The maltrunition has stumped his growth and will probably never grow as a normal person would. He sleeps in a an alley between two buildings along with couple of his friends covered with newspapers and cardboard boxes. He prays to wake up the next day and be able to fight for another day.

He usually gets some money or food from the local bussiness who give him odd jobs like sweaping and cleaning up their shops. He is one of the priviledge few who dont get kicked out by the local bussiness owners. However, it will soon end when he grows older and out of the compasion of others.

He started sniffing glue not to long ago to kill the hunger and his pains away like most of the homelss kids in the city.

You might wonder where that evil look comes from... it wasn't my intention to make him look evil but to make him appear content. happy cause he is alive today and has made it much longer than most homeless kids.

He willl probably not make it to 16...

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